SEC 8-K News

2024-07-03 09:30:13

FDCTech, Inc. announced that on July 2, 2024, their board of directors terminated their relationship with their independent accounting firm, Fortune CPA Inc. Fortune had been retained for less than a year and had not filed any reports with the SEC. There were no reported disagreements over accounting principles, practices, financial statement disclosure, or auditing scope between the company and Fortune. A letter from Fortune agreeing with these disclosures is included as an exhibit. Additionally, FDCTech appointed Olayinka Oyebola & Co as its new accounting firm effective from the same date. There were no consultations with Olayinka about accounting principles or audit opinions during the last fiscal year or up to the decision date.

  • FDCTech, Inc.
  • Fortune CPA Inc.
  • Olayinka Oyebola & Co
  • Imran Firoz (Chief Financial Officer of FDCTech, Inc.)