SEC 8-K News

2024-07-02 09:29:06

Dyadic International, Inc. has entered into a License and Development Agreement with Proliant Biologicals, LLC, trading as Proliant Health and Biologicals. The agreement details include an initial payment of $500,000 from Proliant to Dyadic, with a second payment of the same amount upon the transfer of a Production Strain and a final payment also of $500,000 upon achieving a specific productivity level. Additionally, Dyadic is entitled to a share of the profits from Proliant's sales of animal-free recombinant serum albumin products produced using Dyadic's technology. On June 28, a press release related to the Agreement was issued.

  • Company Names: Dyadic International, Inc.; Proliant Biologicals, LLC d/b/a Proliant Health and Biologicals
  • Individual Name: Mark A. Emalfarb (Chief Executive Officer of Dyadic International, Inc.)