SEC 8-K News

2024-07-01 16:18:35

Salesforce, Inc. held its Annual Meeting of Stockholders on June 27, 2024. At this meeting, a number of proposals were voted on. Among them, all director nominees were elected with majority votes in favor. An amendment to the company's Restated Certificate of Incorporation was approved to provide for officer exculpation as permitted by Delaware law. Additionally, the 2013 Equity Incentive Plan was amended to increase the number of shares reserved for issuance by 36 million shares and extend the plan term to March 21, 2034. Ernst & Young LLP was ratified as the company’s independent auditor for the fiscal year ending January 31, 2025. Other company proposals including executive compensation and stockholder suggestions were voted on with varied outcomes. Salesforce filed the necessary documents with the State of Delaware to enact the approved amendments to its Certificate of Incorporation.

Company Names Listed: - Salesforce, Inc. - Ernst & Young LLP

Full names of individuals mentioned: - Marc Benioff - Laura Alber - Craig Conway - Arnold Donald - Parker Harris - Neelie Kroes - Sachin Mehra - Mason Morfit - Oscar Munoz - John V. Roos - Robin Washington - Maynard Webb - Susan Wojcicki - Sabastian Niles