SEC 8-K News

2024-06-28 15:32:06

Charlie's Holdings, Inc. has appointed the independent accounting firm Urish Popeck & Co., LLC as its new independent certified public accountant. The engagement is effective immediately as of June 28, 2024. During the two most recent fiscal years and to the date of the report, the company did not consult with Urish Popeck & Co., LLC regarding any accounting principles for specific transactions, the type of audit opinion to be rendered on the company's financial statements, disagreements, or reportable events.

At the company's Annual Meeting on June 26, 2024, several votes were cast. The stockholders elected nominees Ryan Stump, Scot Cohen, Jeffrey Fox, Dr. Edward Carmines, and Michael King as directors to serve one-year terms. The stockholders also approved an advisory resolution on the company's 2023 executive compensation and a proposal granting the board authority to perform a reverse stock split within a range of 1-for-3 to a maximum of a 1-for-10 split, at their discretion, within two years from the date of approval.

Names mentioned: Charlie's Holdings, Inc., Urish Popeck & Co., LLC, Ryan Stump, Scot Cohen, Jeffrey Fox, Dr. Edward Carmines, Michael King.