SEC 8-K News

2024-06-28 15:18:00

Vericity, Inc. has finalized its previously announced merger with Long Grove Acquisition Corp., a subsidiary of IA American Holdings Inc., on June 28, 2024. Following the merger, Vericity has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the parent company. Prior to the merger, shares of Vericity common stock were each converted into a right to receive a cash payment of $11.43, subject to standard conditions. Trading of Vericity's common stock on the Nasdaq was suspended on June 27, 2024, and steps are being taken to delist the shares and deregister them according to regulatory procedures. With the merger's completion, previous directors of Vericity ceased their roles and were replaced by the directors from Long Grove Acquisition Corp. Corporate charter and bylaws were also amended following the merger.

Names: - Vericity, Inc. - Long Grove Acquisition Corp. - IA American Holdings Inc. - iA Financial Corporation, Inc. - Eric Rahe - Richard A. Hemmings - James E. Hohmann - Neil Ashe - Calvin Dong - Scott Perry - Laura R. Zimmerman - Denis Ricard - Michael L. Stickney - Joe W. Dunlap - Sean O'Brien - John Buchanan