SEC 8-K News

2024-06-28 08:50:07

North Haven Net REIT has announced the declaration of distributions for its common shares of beneficial interest with a par value of $0.01 per share. The gross distribution for Class F-S Common Shares is $0.0876, with a shareholder servicing fee of $0.0142, resulting in a net distribution of $0.0734. Both Class F-I and Class E Common Shares have a gross distribution of $0.0876 with no servicing fee, leading to the same amount for net distribution. Shareholders of record as of business closing on June 28, 2024, will receive these payments around July 22, 2024, either in cash or reinvested shares if participating in the distribution reinvestment plan. The declaration was signed by Douglas Armer, CFO and Head of Capital Markets.

  • North Haven Net REIT
  • Douglas Armer